Our Gurus

To ensure quality financial advice, we only tie up with the top-notch financial consultants in Singapore.
The financial consultants we have tied up have passed through stringent criteria:

  1. They possess the Chartered Financial Consultant qualification (the equivalent of a Chartered Accountant in the accounting field and Chartered Financial Analyst in the investment field)
  2. All of them have more than 8 years of experience in the finance field.
  3. They have clocked more than 1,000 hours of face-to-face personal financial planning meetings with their clients.
  4. You only get to meet them through referrals.
  5. Their hourly charge varies from $220 per hour to $450 per hour should you wish to do fee-based financial planning with them.
  6. They are either authors of various books or are contributing regularly to financial magazines or websites.
  7. Most of them have conducted public seminars on financial planning topics and some were even featured on local TV or radio.
  8. All of them have access to products from at least 12 life insurance companies and more than 50 fund management houses.

Need we say more? If you wish to look for someone better, you probably have to become a financial consultant yourself.



We guarantee that after meeting with financial consultants introduced by us, you will walk away with
1) Some of the best life insurance quotations that you can get in the Singapore market and
2) Feel very much more empowered and assured about your insurance and overall financial portfolio

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“I never thought there is some much to know about financial planning until I met a professional financial consultant through InsuranceGuru!”
Paul, Civil Servant

“I even got a bonus when the consultant I met showed me that I had bought similar policies which cannot be ‘claimed’ at the same time! I’ve been wasting money all these while!”Jolin, HR Manager

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