1. Can I choose not to meet the Financial Consultant to see the quotation?

    We have to say no regrettably. The referral fee is the only way we can earn our keep and sustain this website.

  2. Is it compulsory to buy anything after meeting the consultant you recommend?

    Of course not! Please take up the plan only if you can see that it meets your financial needs. No penalty fee of any kind is chargeable even if you do not take up the proposed quote.

  3. How do I know the consultant is experienced and trustworthy?

    We only work with Chartered Financial Consultants (the equivalent of a Chartered Accountant in the Accounting arena) who have at least 10 years of experience in the Singapore finance industry and are legally licensed with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (please see Meet the Gurus). Even so, if you do not like the consultant after speaking to him/her, just decline the product politely.

  4. What’s the catch? Any fees payable at all?

    Nope! No catch, no fees! Of course, we are betting that you will sign up for the best quote once presented to you by the consultant we recommend so that we can earn our referral fees. But it is your decision ultimately. Go to “Get the FREE Quote!” tab now to obtain your quote.

  5. Why can’t the quotes be emailed to me for me to compare them myself?

    We wanted that at first. But after learning how to compare quotes from our Gurus, we realized that there are just too many fine prints and differences for 2 very similar life insurance quotations such that even financial practitioners may be confused. As such, expert advice is really needed for us laymen to see the full picture.

  6. How do I start to get the best quote from your website?

    Simple! Go to “Get the FREE Quote!” tab now, fill in your personal details (which will make the key difference to the insurance premium payable), check the relevant boxes and click “Send Details”! You will be contacted by financial consultants introduced by us via email once the quote is ready. It should not take more than 5 working days. Do note that for a separate quote that you need, you have to clear all boxes, check the relevant ones again before clicking “Send Details” one more time.

  7. Can I alter the quotation after meeting the Financial Consultant before making any purchase? Will there be any charges involved?

    Yes, you can make any changes you want to the initial quotations proposed before making any purchases. No charges will be imposed for any changes to the quotes or if you do not take up any products at all after meeting the Financial Consultant.

  8. Can I get quotes on car insurance from here?

    We are planning to launch that in the next phase. At this juncture, you can enter your request for a car insurance quote under “Remarks” at “Get the Quote!” tab and consultants introduced by us will help you find a quote.

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