A. To help you find the Most Value-for-Money Life Insurance, Savings Endowment and Car Insurance quotations in Singapore

B. To introduce Professional Chartered Consultants to assist you in

  Personal Insurance Planning

  • Diabetes Insurance
  • Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions
  • Product Comparisons
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning


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How does this website work for you?

Insuranceguru.com.sg is not a financial adviser and we do not offer any financial advice. As such, we have tied up with Singapore licensed financial adviser representatives (FARs) or also commonly known as Financial Consultants in Singapore, to assist you in sourcing for various life insurance quotations. For example, when you are looking for a life insurance quote and you provide us the relevant details under “Get the Quote!” tab, we are able to ask these Financial Consultants for the quotations’ comparisons. The best quotation or relevant quotations according to the criteria you have submitted will then be presented to you by a trusted licensed Financial Consultant. There is NO OBLIGATION to buy even after you have seen the quotes. We only tie up with Chartered Financial Consultants (please see Meet the Gurus) who have more than 8 years of industry experience to ensure quality advice!


What’s in it for us?

 We will earn a referral fee from the Financial Consultant should you sign up for the financial product(s) that he or she recommends. This is how we earn our keep. Application for any financial products is purely optional for you.  

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