Are you a Business Owner or a Director to a Sole-proprietorship, Partnership or Company?

Are you pondering over Business Succession & Inheritance Planning issues like these below?

1) What will happen to my business if I am unable to work suddenly?

2) How do I ensure my senior managers will assist my children in handling my business if I am not around?

3) What must be in place first so that I can transfer my business smoothly over to my children?

4) How do I ensure a fair distribution of my wealth to my children so that they remain harmonious?

5) Will I have enough money to buy over my business partner’s share should he pass away prematurely or retire?


If any of the above issues ring a bell with you, connect with us today. We will refer professional Chartered Consultants with more than 10 years of industry experience to share with you financial solutions that can ease your worries!

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